The Ultimate Guide to Crystals and Stones


The Ultimate Guide to Crystals & Stones: A Practical Path to Personal Power, Self-Development, and Healing. Published November 15th, 2016

As they did at the birth of the “new age” in the ’70s and ’80s, the Stone People are speaking up quite loudly again (not that they ever stopped talking), asking us to extend the wisdom that we have gathered so far. Since then, our work with stones has concentrated on expanding our consciousness into the lighter realms in order to rebalance and heal ourselves, others, and the larger world. We have focused on becoming aware of our light bodies, subtle energy bodies, and other planes of awareness, which have allowed us to effectively work with crystals and stones. In the process, we have begun to realize our own unlimited self, a realization that unfolds automatically as we do our work with crystals and stones.

In the pages of this book, older stoneworking techniques will be further elaborated upon, and techniques to work with “ordinary” rocks will also be explained. As the Stone People have expressed, it is time to realize that the seeming solidity of granite holds lessons for us that are just as important as the quartz crystal. It is time to delve back into the depths of the earth, as well as into the light of gems and crystals.