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Emotional states are the creation of mind.
(You can choose how to react)
The mind obeys the will.
What lies behind the will?
Where is the location of that which lies behind the will?

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Simon & Schuster Author Portal

I just set up my author portal (under Uma Silbey) at the Simon & Schuster web site (Simonandschuster.com).  They are the company that publishes my "Crystal Ball Gazing" book, so [...]

Servant of the Divine

  The existence of our individual ego, or how we define ourselves, is dependent on our identification with our body, feelings and thoughts. This is not necessarily a bad thing [...]


All is existence is Divine grace.  Just as it is impossible to describe the Divine, it is similarly impossible to accurately describe grace.  It exists beyond time or form through [...]


Your will is that determined strength which lies behind your intentions and empowers them.  Strength of will is essential in effective quartz crystal work.  The length of your concentration, the [...]